History of Found on a Curb

Found on a Curb  became established  around 5 years ago.  I just left the USA after playing football there for 4 years and I received a coaching position at an indoor football centre.   I stumbled across a guy called Andy who worked across the cobbles from my workplace.  During my lunch I would engage in plenty of conversations with Andy while he sat outside his workshop ledge.  A few months later we became an "item".   I expressed to him that I had an interest in t-shirts and explained during our many conversations that my t-shirt  interests had started from when I would see all the cool and exciting designs in the states.

A few years had past and I found myself moving from management job to management job selling leisure memberships for large corporate companies.  Although I was good at it, I wasn't doing something that I was passionate about.  Earning sales for other people and gaining little job satisfaction in a big corporate environment.  Can you relate? Expressing my concerns to Andy, he calmly stated that I should stop being moody and stop whining or else he would put me back on the curb where he found me!  - "I know what your thinking.....TYPICAL eh?" So......  In my spare/lunch time I would research t-shirt designs and find out what the latest technologies were for printing garments.  

To get me started, Andy bought me my first heat press (a very kind/generous Christmas present) and I got printing.    

Thank you for reading and I hope by reading this, you can relate to my story but also know a little about the person/company you might like to buy from.  

Look forward to hearing from you all soon.

Katie   (Who was Found on a Curb)